- Private Art Lessons $15/hr(Hosted over Skype.)

- Icon $10(For your social accounts. Pixel res 16x, 32x, 64x, 128x, 256x, 512x)

- Banner $20 (For your social accounts. Sizes vary. Please specify.)

- Sticker Designs $25+(Simple colored design 3x3” at 300DPI. Size and quality increase with price.)

- Social Account/Personal Branding $30+(For your social accounts. Icon and banner. Please specify the platform and any pixel resolutions you know of. Can request extra branding items (such as swag) at additional cost. If you choose this option with everything you request, then I’ll know everything has to be one consistent brand.)

- YouTube Thumbnail Art $35+(YouTube specific thumbnail art, 1280x720px. Quality and detail increase with price. )

- T-Shirt Designs $50+(Simple colored design of your choosing, please specify. 8x10” at 300DPI. Size, detail and quality increase with price.)

- Poster Designs $75+(Simple colored design of your choosing, please specify. 11x17” at 300DPI. Size, detail and quality increase with price.)

- Character Design Sheet $100(Three-point turnaround, eight expressions, a few props, quick color.)

- Book Cover Illustration $100+(Large resolution, fully painted, CMYK.)

- Comic Illustration $150/pg(11”x17” black and white, price increases with complexity, color and half-toning.)

- Storybook Illustration $150/pg(11”x17” styled-to-order, price increases with complexity, please provide reference.)

- Whatever you can think of… $?(I’m pretty flexible with price so anything is negotiable.)


Tumblr Art

Freelance Work

Character Work

College Work


- I am available for commissions every day.

- I require payment up front.

- All character design work is per full-body unless you specify otherwise.

- For additional characters add 50% of the original price each.

- All character design commissions are typically sized to 1500px on the long side. Be sure to specify any changes in your email.

- Please email your commission request, descriptions and reference to:

- Send your PayPal payments to:


Hello friends, I am VickoRano and I am a freelancer.

Despite my best efforts, I have not been able to land even a part-time job in some time and I have had to move back in with my parents. Times are tough for them, space is limited, and I have student loans to pay off very very soon. I also have to pay various monthly bills, including medical and dental insurance, as well as prescription meds, minutes for my phone, food for my bird, etc. My time here in my parents’ house is limited and I’m trying to save money to move into my own studio apartment, wherein I will have my own office space. I have every intention to make this my full-time career. I have aspirations of being a teacher and entertainer with YouTube as my main medium. If you can help me out in any capacity, I’d greatly appreciate it.

Thank you so much. <3

Livestream nightly at 8pm EST.

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Life Update

Well, I’m still here in SoCal, waiting to hear where and when I have to move. My boss called a meeting for everyone in our crew, the whole Civil department, and said that the only reason nobody has been moved on to a new job is because none of the available jobs have actually started yet.

He didn’t go into any detail about what is keeping these jobs from starting. He only said that we’re here until something starts and he doesn’t know when that will be.

Which means we have to continue sitting and waiting for who knows how long before we’re able to move and get settled in wherever we go. It’s pretty frustrating to be left in the dark like this, but at least there’s still work for me to do at this current site while we wait.